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Whether it's crispy pizza, exquisite chinese dishes, hearty Poke food, or specialties from the American cuisine, ordering food in London offers a diverse range of options. This also applies to vegan cuisine. Even if you're a skilled cook yourself, why not treat yourself today? You deserve it.

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A-1 Asian Buffet
374 Richmond St, London, N6A 3C7
Ahmed Eng Test
London, London, z9z 2L1
Aroma Espresso Bar (Masonville)
1680 Richmond St, London, N6G 3Y9
Babaz Shawarma (Wharncliffe Rd N)
243 Wharncliffe Rd N, London, N6H 2B9
Bamyan Afghan Cuisine
573 Richmond St, London, N6A 3G2
Bar Burrito (Oxford East)
1579 Oxford st East, London, N5V 1W5
Barakat (Western)
1149 Western Road, London, N6G 5K8
Barakat Restaurant
551 Richmond St Unit 1, London, N6A 3E9
Bic Souvlaki
709 Richmond St, London, N6A 3H1
Bic Souvlaki
709 Richmond Street, London, N6A 3H1
Big Guys Pizza
1286 Jalna Blvd, London, N6E 2R6
Big Mike's Pizza and Shawarma
775 Southdale Rd E, London, N6E 2C6
Broughdale Pub
1131 richmond st., London, N6A 3K6
348 Dundas St, London, N6B 1C7
Burger Burger
633 Richmond St, London, N6A 3G5
Burrito Boyz (Central Ave)
206 Central Ave., London, N6A 1M7
Burrito Boyz (Wonderland)
701 Wonderland Road N, London, N6H 0H8
Carey's Bar and Grill
1569 Oxford St. E 1569 Oxford St. E, London, N5V 1W5
Chil Frozen Yogurt Bar
620 Richmond, London, N6A 5J9
China Garden
566 Adelaide St North, London, N6B 3J5
CHOP Steakhouse & Bar (Wellington Rd. S)
977 Wellington Rd. S, London, N6E 3A9
Chopstick House
734 Adelaide St. N, London, N5Y 2L5
525 Richmond st., London, N6A 3E8
Cilantro Mediterranean Cuisine
525 Richmond Street, London, N6A 3E8
Cousin Vinny's Pizza & Deli
425 Richmond St, London, N6A 3C8
Crabby Joes
670 Oxford St. W, London, N6H 1T9
Curley Brewing Company
1700 Hyde Park Rd, London, N6H 5L7
118 Wellington Road, London, N6C 4M8
Currys & Grill
1775 Ernest Avenue, London, N6E 2V5
1-1120 Wellington Rd, London, N6E 1M2
Dooly's Shawarma (Huron)
1345 Huron St Unit 2, London, N5V 2E9
Dooly's Shawarma (Western on Richmond)
1129 Richmond Street, London, N6A 3K6
East Side Mario's (Wellington)
387 Wellington Road South, London, N6C 4P9
Eggs & Fruit
841 Wellington rd., London, N6E 3R5
Fabulous 2 for 1 Pizza & Wings
483 Dundas Street, London, N6B 1W4
Fast Eddies (Highbury)
1205 Highbury Ave, London, N5Y 1A6
Fionn MacCool's (London South)
867 Wellington Road South, London, N6E 3N5
Firehouse Subs (Highbury)
1192 Highbury Ave. N., London, N5Y 1A7
Firehouse subs (Wellington)
879 Wellington Rd., London, N6E 3N5
Fireside Grill and Bar
1166 Commissioners Rd E., London, N5Z 4R3
Formaggios Pie Shack
1600 Highbury Avenue, London, N5Y 5N7
Fortune House
561 Southdale Road E, London, N6E 3M7
Frank & Gus Pizza Restaurant
682 Adelaide Street North, London, N5Y 2L5
Freshii (Masonville)
1680 Richmond St, London, N6G 3Y9
Freshii (Scotia One)
255 Queens Ave, London, N6A 5R8
581 Richmond st., London, N6A 3G2
Gigis Spice Corner
1761 Oxford Street East, London, N5V 2Z6
Ginos Pizza (Oxford Street East)
1631 Oxford Street East, London, N5V 2Z4
Globally Local (Dundas)
252 Dundas St., London, N6A 1H3
Globally Local (Highbury)
1141 Highbury Ave. N, London, N5Y 1A5
Golden Lake Fish and Chips
15 Southdale rd. East, London, N6C 6B4
Gordy`s Brewhouse and Grill
Unit 1-1631 Oxford Street East Unit 1, London, N5V 2Z4
Hadi's Shawarma
1579 Oxford St. East, London, N5V 1W5
Hanata Sushi House
900 Oxford St E, Unit 5-6, London, N5Y 5A1
Happy Hot Pot BBQ
611 Wonderland Unit 3, London, N6H 4V6
Harvey's (Dundas E)
2000 Dundas St E, London, N5V 3Z1
Harvey's (Fanshawe Park)
90 Fanshawe Park Rd East, London, N5X 4C5
Harvey's (Highbury)
1192 Highbury Avenue N, London, N5Y 1A7
Harvey's (Wellington)
991 Wellington Road, London, N6E 3A9
Harvey's (Wharncliffe Rd S)
158 Wharncliffe Rd South, London, N6J 2K6
Harvey's (Wonderland)
847 Wonderland Rd South, London, N6K 4T2
Heart Sushi (Oxford St W)
530 Oxford St W, London, N6H 1T6
Hero Certified Burgers (Oxford St W)
541 Oxford St W, London, N6H 0H9
201 Queens Ave, London, N6A 1J1
Ichiban Sushi House (Wellington)
489 Wellington Road, London, N6C 4R3
India House Fine Indian Cuisine
715 Wellington Road, London, N6C 4R4
Irie Bites Cafe
91 Wellington street North, London, N6B 2K5
Jays Garden
1444 Glenora Drive, London, N5X 1V3
Jerusalem Shawarma and Grill
802 Exeter Rd, London, N6E 1L5
Jewel of India
390 Richmond St, London, N6A 3C7
Joe's Bros Pizza Plus
1086 Commissioners Rd E, London, N5Z 4W8
Kelseys (Fanshawe Park Rd)
1395 Fanshawe Park Road West, London, N6G 0E3
Kelseys (Oxford St E)
900 Oxford St E, London, N5Y 3J7
Kelseys (Wellington Rd South)
841 Wellington Rd, London, N6E 3R5
Kenzo Ramen
192 Dundas St, London, N6A 1G7
Kenzo Ramen (London)
192 Dundas St., London, N6A 1G7
KFC (Hamilton Rd)
689 HAMILTON RD, London, N5Z 1T4
KFC (Highbury Ave)
1275 HIGHBURY AVE, London, N5Y 1A8
KFC (Hyde Park Rd)
1915 HYDE PARK RD, London, N6H 0A3
KFC (Wellington Rd S)
850 WELLINGTON RD S, London, N6E 1L9
KFC (Wonderland Rd S)
1026 WONDERLAND RD S, London, N6K 3S4
King of Pigs
301 Oxford St. W, London, N6H 1S6
Kings Buffet
1389 Dundas Street, London, N5W 3B7
Kokame Express
629 Richmond St, London, N6A 3G5
Latino Flavours
129 Dundas St., London, N6A 1E8
London Pizza
711 Richmond St., London, N6A 3H3
London's Shawarma
434 Clarence St, London, N6A 3M8
Loose Rooster
1295 Highbury Ave N, London, N5Y 5L3
Lucky Restaurant (Hamilton Road)
229 Hamilton Road, London, N5Z 1N5
Macau Chinese Restaurant
699 Wilkins St Unit 7, London, N6C 5C8
Mama's Hot Italian Sandwiches
797 York Street, London, N5W 6A8
Manna Grill
276 Wharncliffe Rd N, London, N6H 2C3
Marble Slab Creamery (Masonville)
50 North Centre Rd., London, N5X 3W1
Marble Slab Creamery (Richmond)
573-A Richmond St, London, N6A 3G2
Marble Slab Creamery (Wonderland)
3039 Wonderland Rd. S, London, N6L 1R4
Marinos Pizza
1066 Adelaide North, London, N5Y 2N1
Marky's Crepe Cafe
484 Richmond Street, London, N6A 3E6
Marshall's Pasta Mill
580 Adelaide St. N, London, N6B 3J8
Massey's Fine Indian
174 King Street, London, N6A 1C9
Master Choice 2 For 1 Pizza
725 Notre Dame Drive, London, N6J 3V5
McGinnis Landing
666 Wonderland Rd, London, N6H 4K9
Meatheads Steak + Burger Bar
691 Richmond St, London, N6A 5M1
Meena Shawarma
685 Richmond st., London, N6A 5M1
Mike's Pizza and Donair
100 Oakville Rd, London, N5V 2S3
Mike's Pizza and Donair (Ernest Ave)
1401 Ernest Ave., London, N6E 2P6
Milestones (Richmond St. N)
1680 Richmond Street N., London, N6G 3Y9
Milestones (Wonderland Rd. South)
3169 Wonderland Road South, London, N6L 1R4
Miso Sushi (Pick Up Only)
660 Richmond Street - Unit 7, London, N6A 4G8
Montana's (Fanshawe Park)
1335 Fanshawe Park Road, London, N6G 0E3
Montana's (Wellington)
485 Wellington Rd S, London, N6C 4R3
Moxies (London)
441 Richmond St, London, N6A 6E2
1009 Wonderland Rd S, London, N6K 3V1
Nana's Pizza
461 Dundas Street, London, N6B 1W1
Nando's (Masonville)
1680 Richmond st., London, N6G 3Y9
New Dragon Boat
1775 Ernest Ave, London, N6E 2V5
Noor's Shawarma
844 Wonderland rd. South, London, N6K 2V8
Nov 8 Sushi Galore
1422 Fanshawe Park Road West, London, N6G 0A4
Ozen (Richmond)
607 Richmond Street, London, N6A 3G3
Ozen Korea
541 Oxford st W, London, N6H 0H9
Panuccis Pizza
919 Commissioners Rd. East, London, N5Z 3H9
Paramount Fine Foods (London)
769 Southdale Rd E, London, N6E 3B9
Piero's Pizza
3-169 Wharncliffe rd. South, London, N6J 2K7
Pita Pit (Richmond)
699 Richmond St, London, N6A 5M8
Pizza Projekt
720 Proudfoot Lane, London, N6H 5G5
Pizza Rounds
422 Waterloo St, London, N6B 2P2
Plant Matter Bistro
244 Dundas St, London, N6A 1H3
Plant Matter Cafe
717 Richmond Street, London, N6A 1S2
Plant Matter Kitchen
162 Wortley rd., London, N6C 3P7
Poacher's Arms
171 Queen Ave, London, N6A 5J6
Poacher's Arms
171 Queens Avenue, London, N6A 1J1
Popeyes Chicken (Fanshawe Park)
580 Fanshawe Park Road, London, N5X 1H2
Popeyes Chicken (Oxford West)
1160 Oxford Street West, London, N6H 4V4
Popeyes Chicken (Wellington South)
840 Wellington St. South London, ON, London, N6E 1L9
Popeyes Louisiana Chicken (Clarke)
395 Clarke Rd, London, N5W 5G5
Prince Albert's Diner
565 Richmond St, London, N6A 3G2
Qdoba (Wellington Rd)
841 Wellington Road, London, N6E 1W4
Qdoba Mexican Grill
1920 Dundas St, London, N5V 3P1
Quesada (Dundas St)
332 Clarke Rd. Unit 4, London, N5W 4G6
Quesada (Richmond St)
5-515 Richmond St, London, N6A 5H4
Quesada (Wellington)
489 Wellington rd, London, N6C 4R3
Raja Premium Indian Restaurant of London
428 Clarence st., London, N6A 3M8
Reggae's Caribbean Restaurant
1050 Kipps Lane, London, N5Y 4S5
640 Richmond St, London, N6A 3G6
Ring a Wing (Ernest)
1775 Ernest Ave, London, N6E 3P3
Ring A Wing (Oxford St E)
941 Oxford St E, London, N5Y 3K1
Ring A Wing (Wonderland) Pick up and Delivery
666 Wonderland Rd N, London, N6H 4K9
Robbie Walker's Fish & Chips
1225 Wonderland Road North, London, N6G 2V9
Roli Poli
484 Richmond St., London, N6A 3E6
Rose's Tree of Life
994 Huron St, London, N5Y 4K6
Rose's Tree of Life (Huron)
994 Huron st. E., London, N5Y 4K6
Rose's Tree of Life (Wharncliffe)
65 Wharncliffe Rd. N., London, N6H 2A5
Roxbury Grill (Pick-Up Only)
1165 Oxford Street East, London, N5Y 3L7
137 Wellington St, London, N6B 2k7
Sakata Bar and Grill
644 Richmond St, London, N6A 3G6
Sakata Ramen (Queens)
219 Queens Ave, London, N6A 1J8
Shawarma Wrap
11 Baseline rd. East, London, N6C 5Z8
825 Southdale Rd W, London, N6P 0C6
Shelby's Food Express
223 Horton Street East, London, N6B 1L1
Sicily's Pizza (London)
21 Southdale Rd East, London, N6C 6B4
Smiley's North Pizza
1464 Adelaide North, London, N5X 1K4
Smoke's Poutinerie (Richmond)
551 Richmond St, London, N6A 3E9
Smokin Joes BBQ
1920 Dundas St. Unit 103, London, N5V 3P1
Soo Dam Korean Restaurant
79 Wharncliffe Road South, London, N6J 2J8
South St. Burger (Masonville)
1740 Richmond st. North, London, N5X 4E9
Spring Chinese Restaurant
768 Dundas Street, London, N5W 2Z7
Subway (Commissioners)
919 Commissioners rd. East, London, N5Z 3H9
Subway (Fanshawe)
109 FANSHAWE PARK RD E, London, N5X 3W1
Subway (Huron)~
1355 Huron st., London, N5V 2E3
Subway (Oxford st. E)
265 Oxford st. East, London, N6A 1V2
Subway (Southdale)
825 Southdale rd. W, London, N6P 0C6
Subway (Wellington rd. S)
4380 Wellington rd. S., London, N6E 2Z6
Subway (Wharncliffe)
456 Wharncliffe rd. S, London, N6J 2M9
Subway (Wonderland)
1225 Wonderland rd. N, London, N6G 2V9
Sultan Pizza
260 Blue Forest Drive, London, N6G 4M2
Super Six Pizza
360 Springbank Drive, London, N6J 1G5
Super Six Pizza (Pizzazz)
360 Springbank Dr, London, N6A 1G5
Swiss Chalet (Fanshawe Park Rd E)
92 Fanshawe Park Rd E, London, N5X 4C5
Swiss Chalet (Highbury Ave N)
1141 Highbury Ave N, London, N5Y 1A5
Swiss Chalet (Wellington)
1067 Wellington Rd, London, N6E 2H5
Swiss Chalet (Wonderland Rd S)
3060 Wonderland Rd S, London, N6L 1A6
Symposium Cafe Restaurant and Lounge (London)
620 Richmond Street, London, N6A 5J9
Taj-Mahal Indian Food and Grocers
666 Wonderland Rd, London, N6H 4K9
Take Sushi Korean & Japanese Restaurant
697 Wellington Road, London, N6C 4R4
Tanakaya Japanese Restaurant
130 King St Unit B-3, London, N6A 1C3
Tetto's Pizza and Donair Plus
1101 Jalna Blvd, London, N6E 3B3
Thai Cuisine (London)
1035 Gainsborough Rd, London, N6H 5L4
Thai Delight (King Street) Pick-Up Only
130 King Street, London, N6A 1C5
120 Dundas St, London, N6A 1G1
The Brazilian Kiosk
4-395 Wellington rd South, London, N6C 5Z6
The Bull and Barrel (London)
359 Talbot St, London, N6A 2R5
The Great Canadian Bagel (Commissioners)
509 Commissioners Rd. West, London, N6J 1Y5
The Italian House
1440 Jalna Blvd, London, N6E 3P2
The Italian House Pizzeria (Dundas)
1548 Dundas St. East, London, N5W 3C1
The Italian House Pizzeria (Kipps Lane)*
1050 Kipps Lane, London, N5Y 4S5
The Shish Shawarma & Grill
1401 Ernest Ave, London, N6E 2P6
The Sweet Onion Grill
135 Wortley Rd, London, N6C 3P4
The Take Out Fish and Chips
1635 Oxford st. East, London, N5V 2Z5
Tony Roma`s (Wellington Rd)
1160 Wellington Rd South, London, N6E 1M3
Tony Roma's (Richmond St)
1673 Richmond St N, London, N6G 2N3
Triniman Kitchen
700 Richmond St, London, N6A 5C7
Twice the Deal Pizza (Belmont Drive)
99 Belmont Drive, London, N6J 4K2
Twice the Deal Pizza (Huron Street)
994 Huron Street, London, N5Y 4K6
Under The Volcano
30 Wharncliffe Rd. N, London, N6H 2A2
Viet Thai
216 Horton Street, London, N6B 1K8
Vietnam Taste
666 Wonderland Road, London, N6H 4K9
Western Pizza
243 Wharncliffe Road N, London, N6H 2B9
Wich is Wich
125 King Street, London, N6A 1C3
Williams Fresh Cafe (Richmond)
578 Richmond St., London, N6A 3G1
Williams Fresh Cafe (Wonderland)
3030 Wonderland Rd S., London, N6L 1A6
Wing's Kitchen
1141 Highbury Ave N, London, N5Y 1A5
Winks Eatery
Unit 12 551 Richmond St, London, N6A 3E9
Wok Box (Downtown London)
575 Richmond St, London, N6A 3G2
Wok Box (North London)
1737 Richmond St, London, N5X 3Y2
Wok Box (South London)
3099 Wonderland Rd S, London, N6L 1R4
Wok N Chopsticks
198 Dundas Street, London, N6A 1G7
Wonder Sushi
735 Wonderland Rd. N, London, N6H 4L1
Wow! Shawarma
434 Clarence St, London, N6A 3M8
Yiuan's Kitchen
611 wonderland Rd North Unit 4B, London, N6H 4V6

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Taste of Mediterranean
The CityView Lounge
Moon Sushi
Villa Lucia
Rossetto's Spaghetti House

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Al Al @ jun 24, 2019 - Joe's Bros Pizza Plus
My new favourite panzeroti place
Saw a sign advertising this place when I was out running around thought I would give it a try
It was awesome and very generous with the toppings and also reasonably priced.
It’s got everything going for it including a friendly staff
I’ll be back for sure

JAGDISHAN JAGDISHAN @ march 22, 2019 - Gigis Spice Corner

Mike Mike @ feb 18, 2019 - Popeyes Chicken (Oxford West)
The staff is quick and courteous with the EXCEPTION OF THE MANAGER. While trying to decide what I was having he came out (I’m the only customer on site) and took over angrily from the cashier, as if it was her fault the order wasn’t placed yet. Furthermore I felt he was up in my face when he aggressively rushed me into placing my order. Now I drive to the east end (I live in the west)to get my fried chicken because of this a hole who I have no desire to make purchases from. I hope to god he has no daughters because if he treats them in anyway similar to the way he treats his staff is feel sorrow for them.