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Whether it's crispy pizza, exquisite chinese dishes, hearty poulet food, or specialties from the fruits de mer cuisine, ordering food in Kitchener offers a diverse range of options. This also applies to vegan cuisine. Even if you're a skilled cook yourself, why not treat yourself today? You deserve it.

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126 Chinese Restaurant
2922 King Street E, Kitchener, N2A 1A7
126 Chinese Restaurant
2922 King Street East, Kitchener, N2A 1A7
Babylon Restaurant & Lounge
200 King St E, Kitchener, N2G 2L1
Babylon Tower
1500 Weber St E, Kitchener, N2A 2Y5
Bar Burrito (Fairway)
569 Fairway Rd S, Kitchener, N2C 1X4
Bar Burrito (Sunrise Shopping Centre)
1400 Ottawa St S, Kitchener, N2E 4E2
Bar Burrito (The Boardwalk)
3, 205 The Boardwalk, Kitchener, N2N 0B1
Bombay Bhel
4336 King Street East, Kitchener, N2P 3w6
Bullseye Bar and Grill
446 Highland Road West, Kitchener, N2M 3C7
Canadian Pizza
315 Lincoln Road, Kitchener, N2J 4H7
Crabby Joe's (Kitchener)
70 King St E, Kitchener, N2G 2K6
Double Deal Pizza & Wings
101 Hazelglen Dr, Kitchener, N2M 5A2
Double Double Pizza & Chicken (King St W)
153 King Street West, Kitchener, N2G 1A7
Double Double Pizza & Chicken (Kingsway Drive)
3101 Kingsway Drive, Kitchener, N2C 2M5
East African Cafe - PICK UP ONLY
50 Ontario St, Kitchener, N2G 1X4
East Side Mario's (Gateway Park Dr)
135 Gateway Park Drive, Kitchener, N2P 2J4
Fat Bastard Burrito (Kitchener)
306 King St W, Kitchener, N2G 1B7
Fionn MacCool's (King St E)
4287 King St East Unit 7, Kitchener, N2P 2E9
Firehouse Subs (Fairway Rd)
310 Fairway Rd S, Kitchener, N2C 1X3
Fresh Burrito
652-A Fairway Road South, Kitchener, N2C 1X4
Gino's Pizza (Seabrook Drive)
125 Seabrook Drive, Kitchener, N2R 1Y2
Ginos Pizza (Doon Village Road)
601 Doon Village Road, Kitchener, N2P 1T6
Ginos Pizza (Ottawa Street North)
1405 Ottawa Street North, Kitchener, N2A 3Z1
Harvey's (Fairway)
560 Fairway Road S., Kitchener, N2C 1X4
Harvey's (Ira Needles)
235 Ira Needles Blvd. Building F – Unit 1, Kitchener, N2N 0B1
Harvey's (King St E)
4355 King Street E., Kitchener, N2G 3W6
Harvey's (Victoria St)
1157 Victoria Street N., Kitchener, N2B 3C8
Harvey's (Westmount)
80 Westmount Road W., Kitchener, N2M 1R5
Jersey Mike's (Fairway Rd)
589 Fairway Rd S, Kitchener, N2C 1X4
Kelseys (South Ottawa St)
1440 Ottawa St S, Kitchener, N2E 4E2
KFC (Highland Rd W)
875 Highland Rd W, Kitchener, N2N 2Y2
KFC (Homer Watson)
951 Homer Watson Blvd, Kitchener, N2C 0A7
KFC (Ottawa St)
1020 Ottawa St, Kitchener, N2A 3Z3
King Wok Chinese Food
501 Krug Street Unit 118, Kitchener, N2B 1L3
Lisboa Bakery & Grill
1187 Fischer Hallman Road, Kitchener, N2E 4H9
Manitou Take-Out
808 Courtland Avenue East, Kitchener, N2C 1K3
Metro Restaurant
168 Victoria St N, Kitchener, N2H 5C6
Montana's (Ottawa St S)
740 Ottawa St S, Kitchener, N2E 3H5
Mother's Pizza Parlour and Spaghetti House
4391 King Street East, Kitchener, N2P 2G1
Muya Restaurant
215 Highland Rd W, Kitchener, N2M 3C1
Nara Sushi (Pick Up)
685 Fisher Hallman Road, Kitchener, N2E 4E9
Nisha's Kitchen (Lorraine Ave)
200 Lorraine Ave, Kitchener, N2B 3R3
Old King Bistro
2934 King St E, Kitchener, N2A 1A7
Oscar's Friendly Family Restaurant
835 Victoria St N, Kitchener, N2B 3C3
Phoenix Cuisine
11 - 851 Fischer Hallman Rd, Kitchener, N2M 5N8
Pisa Pizzeria
1144 Courtland Ave East, Kitchener, N2C 2H5
Pita Factory (Highland)
324 Highland Road W Unit 17, Kitchener, N2M 5G2
Pita Factory (Ottawa St S)
725 Ottawa St S, Kitchener, N2E 3H5
Pizzeria la Terrazza
260 Doon South Drive, Kitchener, N2P 2X3
Popeyes Louisiana Chicken (725 Ottawa St)
725 Ottawa Street South, Kitchener, N2E 3H5
Prime Pita
851 Fischer-Hallman Rd, Kitchener, N2M 5N8
Quesada (Highland)
324 Highland Road West, Kitchener, N2M 5G2
Quick Sandwiches (Kitchener)
281 King Street W., Kitchener, N2G 1B1
Raja Fine Indian Cuisine (Kitchener)
725 Belmont Ave W, Kitchener, N2M 1P3
Rana Taste of Turkish
327 King St W, Kitchener, N2G 1B8
San Francisco Panini (King St)
146 King St. West, Kitchener, N2G 1A6
Shinla Garden Korean Restaurant
183 King Street East, Kitchener, N2G 2K8
South St Burger (Ottawa St S)
1400 Ottawa St S, Kitchener, N2E 4E2
Southern Ontario Smoked BBQ (Pick-Up Only)
525 Highland Road West, Kitchener, N2M 5K1
Spice Tree
6 Duke St E, Kitchener, N2H 2G8
Stripes Pizza
24 Madison Ave S, Kitchener, N2G 3M3
Super Shawarma
875 Highland Road, Kitchener, N2N 2Y2
Sushi Star
450 King Street East, Kitchener, N2G 3N2
Swiss Chalet (Fairway Rd S)
560 Fairway Rd S, Kitchener, N2C 1X3
Swiss Chalet (Highland Rd W)
525 Highland Rd W Unit 1, Kitchener, N2M 5K1
Swiss Chalet (Victoria St N)
1151 Victoria St N, Kitchener, N2B 3C8
Taste of Philly Cheesesteak
98 King St W, Kitchener, N2G 1A6
The Chopped Leaf (Boardwalk)
235 The Boardwalk, Kitchener, N2N 0B1
The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro (Fairway)
589 Fairway Rd S, Kitchener, N2C 1X4
Tito's Pizza (Countryhill Dr)
153 Country Hill Dr. Unit 6B, Kitchener, N2E 1S6
Tito's Pizza (River Rd)
1401 River Rd E., Kitchener, N2A 3X9
Transfers Cafe
15 Charles St W, Kitchener, N2G 1H3
Twice the Deal Pizza (Weber)
1500 Weber St., Kitchener, N2A 2Y5
Variedad Latina
197 King St E, Kitchener, N2G 4N5
Verona Pizza & Grill
1193 Fischer Hallman, Unit 330, Kitchener, N2R 0H3
Victoria Wholesome Food Market
1373 Victoria St N, Kitchener, N2B 3R6
Vijay's Indian Cuisine
380 Weber St West, Kitchener, N2H 4B3

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Taste of Mediterranean
The CityView Lounge
Moon Sushi
Villa Lucia
Rossetto's Spaghetti House

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S. G. Duffy S. G. Duffy @ oct 16, 2021 - Swiss Chalet (Fairway Rd S)
I use Swiss Chalet Delivery Service in KITCHENER ON., My experience with Swiss Chalet, for over ten years, I have enjoyed my Swiss Chalet on (Fairway Rd., S. My delivery is always on time, hot, and enjoyed. My thanks to the Owner, and Staff at this Restaurant for their Excellent Service, care, and consideration.

Karl Karl @ aug 29, 2018 - Pizzeria la Terrazza
Great little pizza spot. Good pizza with real toppings. Check the hours tho. They aren't open late like some pizza places.

Jake Jake @ aug 29, 2018 - Fresh Burrito
Came here for lunch about a year ago with a coworker, the food was great. Their large is what extra large would be anywhere else.
Was back in kitchener again today and had to return. Once again the burrito was great.

What really sets them apart is the fact if you ask for spicy it will actually be spicy!
They have a regular salsa and a spicy one.
I have to say this was the hottest burrito I've ever had. Most other chains hot sauce is weak.